The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This is not a review of a specific escape room, but rather a general comment on escape rooms.

The escape room industry is exploding! Every day a new room is opening. I think that with my experience I am qualified to comment on the quality of what I have seen.

Let’s break it down:

The good

Those are the escape rooms that are here to stay. They owners are there to make money of course, but they are not there for the quick buck. As soon as you walk into the lobby and certainly as you enter the room you see the level of investment that the owner has put into the room. NOT necessarily in monetary value, but more so in investing in the game itself. If you’re engaged as a player, if you feel like part of the adventure, if the game makes sense and flows its a good game.

If it’s the fastest hour of your life. It’s a good game.

The bad

You walk into a room and start playing your game. In minutes you just want it to be over. If it doesn’t make sense, if the puzzle is just there because you get the feeling that someone just threw the puzzle in there without connecting it to the story, its a bad game. It can be a million dollar room (believe me, I’ve seen some amazing rooms) but the games just don’t make sense it’s a bad room. And it’s a shame because it ruins it for everyone. There are so many of those around. It sucks when you walk out of a room and feel like you’ve just wasted an hour that you won’t get back. It sucks when you try and find redeeming qualities of the experience that you just went through, and you simply can’t find any.

The ugly

These are the worst rooms! Ever! The idea is great, it has so much potential. You’re excited when you read about it on the web site, you’re ready to go as you enter the room. Then in the space of a few seconds, all the wind is out of your sails.

My pet peeve (among others) are ugly rooms. Those rooms that offer a great idea for a game and then execute them like an after thought.

Owners, please for the love of everything holy. If you have a great idea, make sure that you put an effort into bringing it to life, because I’ll come and play it.

Don’t make me hate you.

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