My First Wow

As I mentioned in my last post and my introduction I’m an engineer. My work takes me to many places around the world and allows me to play rooms all over the globe. This time I landed in Tucson, Arizona.

Again, a quiet night with little to do. So….

I went looking for an escape room. I came across Escape Room Tucson. I know this is a shout out to them, and I am not affiliated with them. But I need to set some ground rules. When I post a review, if it is a good review I will mention the name of the establishment and if my experience was not so good or down right bad, I won’t mention them by name.

I called Escape Room Tucson and asked about playing one of their rooms. For the first time (admittedly I was an escape room noob at the time) but the owner asked me if I had played an escape room before. After I said I played one, she suggested that I play their beginner room, called “The Hangover”. It was very nice to know that the owner had wanted me to have a fun and fitting experience and wasn’t just after my money (more about that later).

I was asked to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled game time to go over a “briefing?”. OK… I haven’t had a briefing before a mission since my time in the service. Interesting, what is all this about…

Well, I go there, this time with a bunch of people I know from work. We are greeted by the owner AJ, sign the obligatory waivers and sit down for the briefing. It was immensely helpful. It was not a serious briefing in the sense that we laughed a lot and made jokes, but the information that we gained there really did help us. We went over rules, hints, tips, techniques and most importantly. How important it is to use common sense.

Now for the game. The setting is a Las Vegas hotel room and the aim is to bail from the room within one hour before security comes and finds out the mess we made of the room (Sounds familiar ?!?!?).

It is a room based around locks and keys and it was so much fun!!! We had a real blast. The room theme as well as the games fit really well into the theme of “The Hangover” and time flew by. This time though, we were all working all the time. There was so much to do at any given time that I can honestly say that it was one of the shortest hours of my life.

We escaped with seconds left. Opening the final lock and escaping was such a rush. We all had adrenalineĀ running through our veins. Yeah! we got this! We were all high fiving each other and in comes the owner and starts high fiving all of us as well.

One more thing. In this room there was an actor in the room with us, the game master. There to give us hints when we need them, but in this case they didn’t play the game for us. Something that later on I would find can be extremely helpful or extremely infuriating. In this case it was just the right amount of help.

After the escape and when we all calmed down we had our photos taken and headed out for Mexican food (as if there is anything else in Tucson), but I already knew where I was going on my next business trip to Tucson.

Again, this is a shout out for Escape Room Tucson ( and AJ. Thank you for such a memorable experience and for really igniting my passion about escape rooms.

In one sentence. This is how an escape room is meant to be done.

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