My first review

Several years ago my engineering job took me to Scottsdale. On a quiet night with little to do I was looking for something, anything.

I went online and found something called an escape room. My ears were pricked. I called them up, not knowing what I’m in for and a life long obsession was born.

So here it is.

It was an apartment and the aim of the game was to funnily enough, escape the apartment.

I won’t go into the games themselves because I don’t want to reveal their secrets.

But here is what I learnt:

  • Working with strangers is not always bad. In fact due to the low level of familiarity with the other players we were more “respectful” towards each other, so communication was better.
  • On the flip side. Language barriers are always a challenge especially when dealing with puzzles that are in the English language. For me as a native speaker, escape rooms in an English speaking country pose no problem. But I could just imagine playing a room in France, Spain, China or any other non-English speaking country.
  • I have good eye sight. But one of the puzzles was outside the room. It was night and the final piece of the puzzle was really hard to see. It was a bit of a let down.
  • Puzzles were number based and the room was based entirely on locks and keys. It was what I learnt much later a “gen 1” room. Over the years, “gen 2” was born. But more about those later.
  • The room was linear, there was one path for the game play which means, that although it was fun, there were times where I was standing around waiting for other players to finish.


We came so close to escaping, but alas we did not. The fire was ignited and here we are…

All in all, it was a great experience and set the bar for the future rooms I would play.

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