Well, hello there…

Hi there.

A little about me. About four years ago I did my first escape room. To date I have done well over a 100 rooms. I guess this makes me some sort of “expert” on escape rooms. I have played as many as five rooms in a single night. Maybe a better word than enthusiast is nut. I’m also an engineer by trade which creates a natural connection between me and the technology involved in escape room games.

Other than that, I love puzzles. Really, Really love puzzles. The affinity to escape rooms is only natural.

Recently, I have sat down and tried to recount all of my experiences. I wanted to share them with others and I want to have my say, for all that counts. So, I decided to blog it.

I want to write about good experiences, bad ones, thoughts about the escape room industry. People I’ve met with and other players and owners I’ve had the chance to talk to.

I’m apologizing ahead of time for the lack of photos. As you know, owners are a secretive bunch about their trade…


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